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About PAC


Civil society organizations commonly known as Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have played a vital role in combating social evils throughout the world. Working in the form of alliances is also gaining momentum among NGOs for better services delivery and effective functioning. Punjab AIDS Consortium (PAC) is a registered alliance of NGOs working in the health sector for reproductive health and prevention & control of HIV and AIDS throughout Punjab. It was established in 1999 under the patronage of Punjab AIDS Control Program (PACP) and UNAIDS. PAC was registered under Societies registration act XXI of 1860. PAC aims to prevent the AIDS epidemic from engulfing the general population. PAC advocates creating an enabling environment based on openness, gender equality, equity, free access to services and respect for human rights. PAC has more than 60 member NGOs which are working throughout the Punjab.

PACs Comparative Advantage

PAC has more than 60 NGOs member are rooted in Most at Risk Populations and other vulnerable populations and affected communities across Punjab to fighting against the HIV & AIDS. PAC recognizes that it is a young organization and has capacity building needs, never-the-less it is a unique civil society and community structure undertaking concerted strengthening with tremendous potential to contribute to the fight against HIV and AIDS in Pakistan especially in the province of Punjab, through: mainstreaming rights based approaches; building implementation capacity at the grassroots; supporting leadership development and participation in the communities; increasing access to information, existing knowledge, experience on the ground and evidence based best practice; and supporting linkage and coordination for civil society action at multiple levels. Over the past few years PAC has been significantly contributing to the cause of combating HIV and AIDS by working extensively for the capacity building of its partner member NGOs with a view of providing an enduring national capacity building capability (including HIV Services Packages), a knowledge network, an advocacy and communication platform, and a focal point for co-ordination, resource mobilization, and effective public-private sector partnership at the decentralized, Provincial and National levels. This also includes supporting the development of the physical and staff/board infrastructure. PAC has provided extensive and valuable services and has increased the capacity of small, community-based organizations working on HIV/AIDS in vulnerable communities. PAC played an important liaison role between the community and the Provincial/federal system, presenting an approachable face to Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and linking them to technical assistance and programs. PAC has successfully used a variety of methods to reach out to CBOs in their locations, including linkages to state health departments, participation in HIV/AIDS community planning bodies, direct community outreach, and word of mouth.

PAC Vision

Pakistan is a country where people are protected from HIV or living positively with HIV and able to enact their reproductive health and other Rights.

PAC Mission Statement

To support civil society actions to mitigate the impact of HIV & AIDS in Punjab by involving local, national, regional partners and with international partnerships through rights based approach.


The Values


  • Gender Equity
  • Transparency
  • Rights-Based Approach
  • Public Private Partnership and Private Private Partnership
  • Involvement and empowerment of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups including people with HIV and AIDS


Specific Objectives


  • To develop and strengthen coordination and linkages among the partner organizations to achieve the aim of PAC.
  • To collect and disseminate information to the working partners about the issues.
  • To plan and organize the capacity building program for the partners organizations.
  • To support new research on HIV/AIDS, RH and rights in Punjab.
  • To establish a Resource Center for the communities and partners.
  • To build and facilitate the provision of support services for people living with HIV and AIDS and other marginalized groups.